When your vehicle doesn’t have enough space, the roof is a great place to add additional cargo. Whether it’s surfing, cycling, camping, or for work, our range of roof racks and related accessories have been designed to provide years of use. The range of Rola Cargo Carrying accessories take the complexity out of roof top carrying solutions.

Rola is the ideal companion for your next adventure! Whether you enjoy camping, mountain biking, snow, or water sports, we have the gear for you.

Loading up items for your next adventure may be tricky. This is why our range of roof rack solutions gives you that extra space and security for all your gear. 

Rola’s Range of Adventure Gear


For loading your Jerry cans, gas bottles, lighting, high lift jacks, or shovels, our range of brackets, holders and adapters make light work of getting ready. Our bespoke solutions simply bolt onto your roof rack, making it an ideal place to shop for your next adventure.


Our excellent range of bike carriers. We cater to individuals or families that need to transport bikes for their next adventure. With up to 5 bikes, our range of bike carriers are engineered to withstand the harsh Aussie climate. They are easy to install and fit your bike to and we have a host of spare parts if you ever find yourself short.  


With the popular Aussie ski resorts, you can load up your gear with ease using our ski carriers and channels to your Rola roof rack. Carrying up to 6 skis safe in the knowledge that they are secure with lockable key. Plus, our multipurpose holder is great for fishing gear or sailboard masts to your roof in a safe manner.


With versatility in mind, Rola’s Hull Cradles and WCU adapters make easy work of loading up your water sports equipment. Catering for kayaks, canoes, surf, or paddle boards, we have the ultimate solution to easily transport on your roof rack. Pairing it with our tie-down anchors and straps make sure they never move, even in the most extreme conditions!


Can I transport my Kayak on my roof?

We recommend our watercraft carrier or hull cradle for this. As it protects your roof, roof rack, and water sports equipment with a secure and bespoke solution.


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