How are Roof Racks Mounted?

Fitting roof racks onto your vehicle isn’t a one size fits all solution. Different vehicle designs mean that roof racks must be mounted a specific way. The Rola tailor-fit roof rack range is customised specifically for your vehicle, designed to fit perfectly and securely.

Each roof rack is designed to utilise the best mounting point for that vehicle; below is an overview of each way of mounting a roof rack:

Anchor Point

As the name suggests, the roof racks are anchored to a single location on each side of the vehicle using the factory roof mounting points. It is the strongest choice of mounting for vehicles without existing rails or gutters. , Threaded anchors (Anchor Point Bolts) work to create a robust install into factory locations on your roof. Roof racks utilising anchor point mounts and can offer locking features to prevent theft. Another type of anchor point  is tuff anchor points. These anchor points aren’t factory designed and are drilled into the roof of your vehicle to create a new, stable way to mount your roof racks.

Gutter Mount

Although some manufacturers are steering away from guttering on cars, there are still a number of vehicles where this is the best solution for mounting roof racks. Gutters are a traditional car design, that protect passengers from water run off when opening doors. These also serve as a sturdy mounting points for roof racks.

These racks are fitted to gutter grooves on the side of a vehicle and are tightened either side accordingly. The inclusion of a rubber boot protects your vehicle’s finish from the mounting mechanism and end supports. This mounting type is excellent for older vehicles or those that do not have factory-fitted mounting points or roof rails.

Rail Bar (Solid or Open)

Used for vehicles with factory installed roof rails, these roof racks attach to the rail bar with rubber feet and thick 304 stainless steel clamps. An allen key is used to tighten the grip on each side of the vehicle. For optimum strength, it is recommended that you fit your front roof rack above the join between the front and rear doors. 

Track Mount

Using the vehicles roof, a metal plate is bolted and riveted onto the roof. This somewhat invasive procedure involves drilling holes into your roof to have a fixed mounting point. This is the ideal solution for vehicles without a rail or factory fitted mounting holes. 

The roof rack mounts can be fitted securely on the track and offer a typically heavy-duty metal bar style roof rack for weightier loads for commercial uses. It is recommended that Track Mount roof rack installations are done by a professional.

Naked (Door Mount)

A bare or naked roof does not have any anchor points, rails, gutters, or tracks for a roof rack. In this situation a Door Mount roof rack is required which involves clamping the end support into the door jam and locking them in. These roof racks are typically lockable to prevent theft.


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