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LED Bracket to suit All Channels

Giving the ultimate adjustability for your side mount LED bars.
$95.06 RRP Incl GST
On orders $1 to $2,000

The Rola LED light bar bracket suits side mount LED bars and includes quick and easy drop & turn mounting hardware. These light bar roof mounts fit just about any roof and vehicle, for the ultimate adjustability and versatility you need on any off-road adventure.

The slotted holes allow for angle adjustment to suit your needs and the heavy-duty stainless-steel brackets will secure even the heaviest light bars. So, when you find yourself in low-visibility or challenging terrains, you know you’re covered with Rola. Get prepared with the light bar brackets that suit nearly all types of roof racks and trays.


  • Universal mounting bracket designed to suit most roof racks and trays
  • Heavy duty bracket and mounting hardware suits side mounted light bars up to 9 kg
  • Stainless steel powder coated finish
  • Raise or lower the light bar by flipping the brackets over
  • Slotted light mounting holes for angle adjustment
  • Includes 2 mounting brackets and mounting hardware
  • Engineered and tested in Australia for the toughest conditions


Why do people put LED lights on their vehicles?

Sometimes even vehicles built for adventure don’t provide adequate lighting - especially for those working in construction, in emergency situations, off-roaders or anyone that needs better visibility in the bush. LED light bars enhance visibility and vehicle performance, with clear, reliable lights that are made to last. LEDs are affordable and can withstand changing temperatures, which is why we recommend fitting yours with a roof rack light bar mount that keeps lights in place throughout any journey. If you're looking for high quality LED light bars take a look at NARVA or you can find some great value LED Light Bars at Big Red gear.

Where do you mount a light bar on a car?

There are a handful of positions where you could mount a light bar on your car, and the best option for you depends on your vehicle and reasons for adding a light bar. When using it for driving at night some options include the front bumper, the lower windshield, above the windshield, the roof, or a combination of these. Alternatively if you’re wanting to light up your campsite the side of your vehicle works best. This product from Rola is a roof rack light bar, which not only looks good, but is great at projecting light further.


Dimensions: 285 X 120 X 55mm
Weight: 1.105kg
Application: Sports & Heavy Duty
Warranty: 5 Years


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