Mazda Cx-3 Roof Racks

The Japanese hatch-sedan mashup has a design that’s elegant and sporty. Ideal for weaving through cities and capable for those adventurous types who want to take it further afield. Its nippy engine and small wheelbase give an exciting ride, but what if you need to store your skis or surfboard? Our roof rack solutions are the ideal match to your Mazda 3.

We make sure you have the right tools for the job. With a specially designed roof rack for your Mazda 3, you can feel at ease when storing your equipment. Knowing every roof rack is engineered to be robust and long-lasting in the Aussie climate. 

Capable of Storing All Your Equipment

With a simple installation procedure, you can begin storing all your precious cargo and adventure gear at home, without the need for a professional. Our easy-to-follow instructions give clear guidance on the simple process, whilst our YouTube channel offers guidance in a visual format for those that prefer it.

Why not check out our accessories too? With a range of straps, brackets, and holders for all kinds of equipment including skis, surfboards, kayaks, bikes and much more. After all, it is important that these are securely tied down to your vehicle and roof rack.

Shop for Mazda 3 Roof Racks from Rola

Our Sports Concealed or Sports Extended roof racks offer the ideal solution to your Mazda 3. With most model years available, ranging from the original 2004 model, right up to the modern designs of the late 2010’s. 

Rola are the leading manufacturer that offer exceptional customer service, and handy online car search tools to ensure you get the correct gear, tailored to your vehicle. No matter what your transportation needs, Rola has it conveniently in our online store for your next adventure. Order your new gear now to be delivered straight to your door, anywhere in Australia.

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MAZDA CX-3 5D SUV DK (w/ ANCHOR POINTS) 2015-Current

ID Item Mount Style RRP
Heavy Duty Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars, Black) CAP132-2-B Heavy Duty Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars, Black) Anchor Point $497.89
Sports Concealed Roof Rack (2 Bars) APX135-2 Sports Concealed Roof Rack (2 Bars) Anchor Point $464.07
Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) APEX132-2 Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) Anchor Point $477.90


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