Make the most out of the space on your roof with our range of ladder racks, pipe holders, rollers and load supports.

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Those in the trade know that carrying your gear is important. This is why at Rola, we have the best in load support, roof rollers and ladder racks to help tradespeople across the country. 

No matter what your trades needs are, we at Rola can meet them when it comes to transporting your tools and equipment. With our easy to install accessories that fit to your requirements, they serve to protect your vehicle from scratches, distribute heavy loads and are securely strap them down with our robust holders for complete peace of mind. 

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are a must for any tradesperson, allowing you to conveniently and securely fix your ladder to your car or ute. The Rola range of ladder rack mounts fit all popular vehicle makes and models, minimising the hassle of being stuck with an ill-fitting mount. Roof racks are the best way to transport ladders, and with our huge selection of accessories, you’ll be able to attach ladders of any shape or size. Shop for ladder pegs, ladder locks, ladder rollers and more from Rola.

Benefits of roof rack ladder mounts

  • Reduces the risk of falling ladders, pipes, lumber, tools and more
  • Prevents scratches and damage to your vehicle’s roof
  • Increases your cargo capacity
  • Minimises risk to other drivers as they’re safe and secure

Ladder Rollers 

Our range of Ladder Rollers remove the hassle of getting your ladder up and down from your roof. Coming in a wide range of shapes and sizes, we can accommodate most tradespeople’s needs. Pairing with our Heavy duty roof racks, our Rollers are designed to fit flush to your roof.

Load Support

When loading items to your roof it is important that they are secure and can take the weight. If you’re attaching ladders, conduits or need a holder – we have the solution for you. Load supports keep your equipment from sliding away. Pairing these with our range of straps will ensure optimum safety for your next adventure or job out in the field.

Bolts, Plates and Mounting Kits

With a universal eye bolt, you can get out of sticky situations quickly and easily. Tying anything to the heavy-duty design will make sure your load is secure and safe. Our Beacon Plate offers an easy solution to install beacons to your roof rack, but if that work NARVA's universal beacon mounting bracket is an alternative. Designed to fit flush to Rola roof racks, our products suit all kinds of support teams, off-road enthusiasts, and emergency services for a safer experience. 

Conduit Holder

Ideal for tradespeople who transport conduits often. Rola’s holders are super long and heavy duty for even the most awkward conduits. We cater to Telstra specifications too, ensuring our holders include reinforced end caps and safety wires.

Shop for Trade Roof Rack Accessories from Rola

Rola is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of roof racks, roof trays and more. Our huge selection of roof rack trade accessories allow you to transport almost anything on your car or vehicle - whether it be ladders, materials, tools or even your surfboard, bike or skis on the weekends. All of our products are engineered in Australia with local conditions in mind, so you can be sure that your new product is built to last.


Can I install your load support products at home?

Each of our range of load support products comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Making it easy to install at home, without the need to hire a professional.

What if I have a big item for my roof?

If it weighs less than your max roof load, Rola products are adaptable to your load sizes. Our Load Support products have swivelling adjustment for contoured loads and can be moved along our Roof Racks for adapting to size. 

Can I install trade accessories by myself?

Yes, most of our accessories are easy to install at home. With each one having a set of clear instructions, you can take advantage of Rola’s range of products almost straight away!

Do your load support holders have warranty?

Absolutely! We at Rola have an extensive range of high-quality products designed for the Australian tradie. We back up our claims with a comprehensive 5 year warranty on most of our accessories and roof racks.


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