Mazda Cx-5 Roof Racks

This fun compact SUV is Mazda’s solution to this new and exciting space. How about making the most of your CX-5 for your next adventure? We at Rola have the roof rack companion for your vehicle. 

Transporting anything from kayaks to luggage bags, we have been serving all types of adrenaline junkies and families for over four decades. With precision engineering tailored to fit your CX-5, we make sure you can take your trip to the next level. Best of all, they are easy to install – giving you that extra time to pack for your next adventure!

Attaching Mazda CX-5 Roof Racks

Our easy-to-follow instructions are provided with every roof rack we sell. This means they can be installed at home, without the need to hire a professional. If you are more of a visual learner head to our YouTube channel for our video walkthroughs on installing your next Rola roof rack or tray.

Roof Racks and Trays – We have it all

Whether you need an Extended or Concealed roof rack solution for your CX-5, our handy “Fit My Vehicle” tool can point you to our bespoke solutions for your model year. Our Titan trays offer a low-profile design that helps with aerodynamics and loading – saving you time and money for your next adventure. They are specially designed to maximise the load on your CX-5, taking it to the next level. Whilst offering that rugged look adding to the Mazda curb (or mountain side) appeal. 

Shop For Your CX-5 Roof Rack and Tray from Rola

Ranging from 2012 to the present day, our roof rack and trays fit a host of CX-5 model years. Best of all, they are robust and built to last. With a comprehensive 5-year warranty, they are designed with high strength materials for coping with our unique Aussie climate.

Using our range of accessories such as straps, brackets, and holders, we ensure that your bikes, surfboards, camping equipment and ski gear are transported securely. You will find all the items you need for transporting your goods on our online store. Our sales team are just a phone call away too, offering advice and tips on anything roof rack related. Best of all - your next CX-5 roof rack can be delivered straight to your door, anywhere in Australia!

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Find Your Roof Rack


ID Item Mount Style RRP
Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) APEX080-2 Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) Anchor Point $465.01

MAZDA CX-5 5D SUV KF (w/ ANCHOR POINTS) 2017-Current

ID Item Mount Style RRP
Low Mount Anchor Kit (Only) LAPEX002-2 Low Mount Anchor Kit (Only) Anchor Point $381.69
Low Mount Kit With 1500mm Titan Tray TKAP15002-2 Low Mount Kit With 1500mm Titan Tray Anchor Point $1,078.68
Sports Concealed Roof Rack (2 Bars) APX133 Sports Concealed Roof Rack (2 Bars) Anchor Point $451.12
Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) APEX130 Sports Extended Roof Rack (2 Bars) Anchor Point $465.01


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