Carrying your water sports’ gear isn’t always easy. With so many different shapes and sizes, most won’t fit in the standard boot or may cause a hazard to passenger safety if stowed this way.

The range of Rola Water Solutions accessories take the complexity out of roof top carrying solutions.

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If you’re a fan of anything on the water, you need to transport all types of gear safely to your choice of lake, river, or coastline. Rola has an extensive range of adapters, accessories, and holders to transport all kinds of water sport gear. 

Types of Water Gear

Kayaking, Surfing and Canoeing all need lots of equipment to enjoy. When your car is full, or simply not big enough on the inside, why not choose our products to safely mount to your Rola Roof Rack?

WCU Adapters 

WCU Adapters offer the perfect fitment to your equipment and provides the best protection with soft padding and adjustable grips that fit snug to your water sport of choice. 

Hull Cradles

Hull cradles are versatile solutions for Sports Roof Racks and can pivot to any angle required for your Kayak or Canoe. The grippy surface ensures that your water sports equipment is going nowhere when pairing it to Rola’s range of straps and holders.

Sailboard Mast and Multi-Purpose Holders 

We have Sailboard mast holders that fit around your vehicles cross bar too. Making it easy to carry sailboards without the hassle of taking the time to strap and secure them. Our universal holder is great for anything from Skis to paddles too.


Can I install my Hull cradle on my own?

Absolutely, our clear instructions provided with each hull cradle makes it easy to install at home and on your own. 

How Difficult is it to Load my Kayak?

Not difficult at all. The more people you have the easier of course, but with our cradles it’s easy to load up your water sports gear on your own too. Simply slide your equipment on to the roof rack from the rear of the vehicle and secure in place using strapping provided.


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