Secure your load with our brackets, straps and holders. Our range includes cam buckles, fitting kits, ratchet straps and many more, designed to perform in all conditions and keep your load safe.

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When securing your gear, you need to use the best quality equipment. We offer a wide range of straps to securely tie down equipment to your roof. For those jobs that need those special bolts, or if you’ve got luggage trays to attach to your roof rack, then Rola has the solution for you! Do not forget the essentials when you are in the outback, here is our range of straps and hardware that’s got you covered.

Straps Range

Our Cam-buckle lock tie down straps come in 2.5 and 3.5m lengths, with 25mm width, they are heavy duty solutions for your vehicle. Best of all, we ensure high quality materials are used as each of our straps have a 5-year warranty to back up our claims.

Ratchet straps are ideal for sports equipment and tradespeople. For securing wood, metal, kayaks, bikes, surfboards and much more! They make sure your load does not move, even in the harshest environments across the Aussie outback. Coming in single straps or as a pair, we at Rola have the ratchet solution for you.

Need to secure something lighter? Our Tie down with cam buckle straps make light work of strapping down your items to your roof. With non-stretch materials, each 2.5m strap is ideal for surfboards or camping gear.

Hardware at Rola

Hardware packs are designed to accommodate for bespoke off-road gear, or when mounting accessories to your roof racks. Coming in M6 and M8 sizes, our T Bolts and SS Drop and Turn Nut Sets are designed for your roof rack. 

Each of our sets of bolts comes in a 4 pack and are compatible with a range of roof racks. They also are manufactured using precision engineering methods, with extreme strength. We offer a 5-year warranty to make sure they withstand the harsh Australian climates. 


Do I need adapters for a light mount on my roof rack?

If you have a Rola Roof rack, then no. We have bespoke beacon, lights and aerial kits that fit directly onto your Rola Roof Rack. Making light work of installation whilst also looking the part!

Why Do I need Tie Down Straps?

For the best security, it is advised to always keep a set of straps in your vehicle. When out on the road, you never know where you might need them. Sometimes straps are used to tie to trees for winching or are needed when you buy something and need to collect it from the store!

Will a ratchet strap work for my water sports equipment?

Absolutely. It is vital to protect your gear and your roof when transporting large water sport equipment. Ratchet straps are ideal as they can be tightened to any degree and prevent movement on your roof even in the harshest conditions.


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