What is a Roof Rack?

Cargo space in a vehicle can be a limiting factor, especially when getting away on the weekends, camping, and 4wdriving. This is where roof racks come into play. Roof racks and roof trays allow you to expand your overall vehicles’ usable cargo space by attaching a rack or tray to the roof of your vehicle. A tailored roof rack or roof tray system is the perfect choice for transporting and storing items such as luggage, bicycles, kayaks, and much more. 

When loading your vehicle make sure you take the appropriate steps to secure your load, along with appropriate strapping and tension. When securing items to roof racks you should always follow manufacturer and vehicle recommendations and comply with recommended load carrying capacities.

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What makes up a Roof Rack?

A traditional cross bar roof rack is composed of 3 components. 

  1. Crossbar
    The crossbar does all the heavy lifting and runs across your car. The crossbar has inbuilt channels that allow for fitment of accessories and tiedown points, such as brackets, straps, holders, and carriers. There are two main types of crossbars with a choice between the aerodynamic and sleek sports design, or the powerful Heavy Duty (Commercial) design.
  2. End Supports
    The end supports are the connection piece between the crossbar and mounting kit. End supports take different shapes depending on the vehicle they are attached to and are specifically designed for the type of mounting kit and crossbar used. 
  3. Mounting kit
    The mounting kit is unique to each individual vehicle, designed for that make, model and even down to the year it was made. Rola mounting kits are carefully engineered and tailored to each vehicle to ensure a secure, safe and solid fit. Each mounting kit is designed to fit roof racks to rails, anchor points, door straps, tracks, and much more.
    Find out more with our guide to “Roof Rack Mounting”

What are the different types of Roof Racks?

For four decades, Rola have designed and built Australian roof racks of all different styles and use cases. With a range of accessories suitable for every vehicle, Rola roof racks are a one-stop shop for your cargo needs. The different types are outlined below.

Sports Concealed

A concealed sports roof rack offers aerodynamic efficiency to your cargo transportation. Offering a lightweight and minimalistic look without compromising strength & aesthetics, these roof racks are excellent for transporting sports and camping gear such as kayaks, bikes, and outdoor equipment.

Sports Extended

Aerodynamics with more length to carry more stuff! These roof  racks are typically wider than a concealed bar and offer greater support for wider loads or roof trays due to its slight overhang. The aerodynamic shape provides lower wind noise at high speeds and an extended roof rack provides an excellent solution for carrying many accessories and cargo at once.

Heavy Duty (Commercial)

If you are a tradie or have the need to carry heavy items every so often, Rola heavy duty range offers both strength and versatility without the compromise of looks. Offered in both Silver and Black, the heavy-duty range is capable of a much more bespoke setup for your needs. The Heavy Duty roof rack also has many dedicated commercial accessories such as ladder rack systems, pipe clamps, aerial mounts, beacon plates, shovel holders and a range of tie-down options for wood and other hard to carry items. 

Low Mount

The revolutionary low mount roof rack minimises the size of the crossbar eliminating the need to have a full-length cross bar. This makes your setup lighter and lower. Rola Low Mount utilises interlocking blocks and is designed specifically for the Titan Tray. This allows for a clean, strong, and efficient fitment. The reduction in the crossbar weight also leaves more of your maximum roof capacity available for luggage.

An excellent way to evenly distribute the weight of your load on the roof of your vehicle. 
This low profile and aesthetically pleasing design will attach to the vehicle utilising the best mounting options. Made of stainless steel and finished off with powder coating, the ridge mount option will outlast the Australian elements, and look great whilst doing it.


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